France Canal Trip, Day 7. Besançon to Deluz.

We wake up to crystal clear blue skies in Besançon and start exploring this large city, working our way up hill to the old Citadel towering over the loop in the river above town.  An amazing feat of construction built at great cost during the reign of Louis XIV.  The walls were never breached.  

Leaving the marina in Besançon, we had to use the only old-style manual lock.  All of the gates and lock doors had to be cranked open and shut by hand.  Luckily, a couple of tourists came by and gave Devany a hand, while I manned the ropes holding us in place from inside the boat.

Our final stretch of the canal took us through gorgeous countryside until we made our final mooring of the trip at Deluz.  This has been an amazing trip, and we're already planning on doing it again in some fashion.  The canal boat experience was a nice step out of our comfort zone that turned out to be much easier than we had anticipated.  Anyone can do this.  We just proved that ;)