A remarkable--and very rare-- gift yesterday.

Finally! One of the hardest animals to get a glimpse of, yet alone a photo, decided to grace us with a visit late yesterday afternoon just as it was beginning to get dark. Lynx! We had visitors from Sitka staying with us, so this was a huge treat for them. I just happened to see movement as an animal walked up the road past the house and thought it was just one of the neighborhood dogs. It turned to look at the house and I realized it was a big lynx! I scrambled to get the big lens on the camera and ran outside to try and get a shot of this animal that we rarely get to see.

Halfway to the street I saw two more lynx walking directly as me on the neighbors driveway. All three moved into the empty lot above our house and stayed there for quite a while. It looked like a big female with two young that were probably born last year. I never did get a shot of all three together, but the two young ones were curious of me and stayed put long enough to get a couple of shots. Terrible lighting conditions, but when it comes to seeing lynx, we definitely take what we can get! Click on images for full-screen.