Mom's back!

Sometimes you just get lucky.  Coming home from the grocery store I see Mama moose and her brand new twins heading into our driveway!  The twins acted like they'd never been on gravel before, high-stepping across.  They headed for the bog below the house, where I could hear the twins splashing around.   This is the same cow that hangs out around our house for a couple weeks every year after she gives birth, so I think she's comfortable with me and my camera.  I gave them plenty of space and got to watch them for about 10 minutes before they headed deeper into the bog.  What a treat.  You can still see part of the umbilical cord hanging from the calf in the water, so they can't be more than a couple of days old.

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Very welcome rain.

Woke up to the first decent rain we've had all spring.  We've been desperate for more than sprinkles.  Very little snow this winter, no rain this spring.  The wildfire danger was/is extremely high and we've been dreading the possibility of a Fort MacMurray type fire.  There's only one road in and out of Bear Valley, so we're more than happy at the outlook for a wet weekend.