A cloudy treat at sunset.

We just don't get really cool clouds very often in Anchorage, so tonight was quite a treat.  Big, billowing Midwest style clouds at sunset, rain showers rapidly moving over the city, and then Denali coming out for a good night show as it began clearing up.  Hopefully it stays clear as the aurora forecast is strong for the next couple of nights.  Click images for full-screen.

Finally, a bit of a light show early this morning.

We've been having aurora withdrawal here in Anchorage so far this season.  The clouds have not been cooperating, while Fairbanks, Delta, and North Pole have been hogging all the strong displays.  Finally early this morning we had clear skies and some color, plus some really nice Milky Way.  It wasn't a super active or strong show, but it sure felt good to be back outside between 1:30 am and 3 am on a warm night with just the owls hooting for company.

We've become a Moose B&B

Mom and baby moose have been hanging out around the house just about every day.  Today the rain finally stopped and they were back enjoying a glorious afternoon in the sun.  This baby has so much personality--dancing and prancing around the yard,  making moose noises at our dog Xena who watches them from the deck.  I think she wants to play.  It's better entertainment than anything on TV.

click for full-screen.