Ah, Spring in Alaska.

That’ll teach me to take the snow tires off before May 1st! More than 20” of snow here in Bear Valley over the past 3 days. This afternoon, absolutely gorgeous blue skies.

An incredibly sad day. J'aime Paris.

I love Paris. I’ve been lucky enough to be there many times over the years for both work and play, so the devastating fire at Notre Dame today was absolutely heartbreaking. I hope it will be rebuilt—maybe in my lifetime so I can go back for one more visit. Here are a couple of images from past visits.

And all of a sudden it's light out at 10pm.

I’m always amazed at this time of year as the days get longer and all of a sudden, boom, it’s light out at 10pm and it comes as this big, wonderful surprise. We had an incredibly mild winter and early spring this year, but you still sit out on the deck on a night like this and think “we made it through another one”.

Looking west at Sleeping Lady.

and looking north towards the Alaska Range and Denali.