France canal boat adventure, Day 1

Come along on our journey down the canals of France!  The first day of our adventure couldn't have been better.  We had glorious weather and all of our apprehensions about piloting a canal houseboat were quickly laid to rest.  Click on images for full-screen and if you cursor over the image, you'll see descriptions.  I will apologize in advance for having way too many images.

Back for another visit!

Devany backed out of the garage this morning, saw movement in her rear-view mirror, and saw this little female Lynx laying on the snowbank in front of the house!  She moved into the trees and shade but just sat there for awhile letting me take pictures before she finally headed off looking for snowshoe hares.  What a treat.  Click for full-screen high-res.

Spring in Seward.

We took our first motorhome trip of the year to Seward this weekend.  It's always fun while it's still a little town--before the hoards of tourists descend on it for the summer and turn the waterfront campgrounds into cheek-to-jowl parking lots.  No thanks.   But for right now, it's the perfect place to sit on the shore of Resurrection Bay and watch the clouds and shadows and light play on the mountains across the way.  You can always click on photos to see them full-screen.

Aurora at sunset.

Just crazy!  The aurora was so strong early last night that it was showing off in spite of fairly bright blue skies during the sunset starting around 10:30 pm.  Clouds kept moving in and out, and she never got very high off the horizon,  but this was the brightest sky I've ever seen the aurora visible in.

She brought us another treat.

She showed up again early this morning around 12:30 am and was very active until she started to fade around 3 am, which is when I gave up.  A hard aurora to shoot as it was really black compared to the full-moon aurora display from a couple of weeks ago.   Tight bands of intense color and brightness compared to the background.  I do have to admit it's kinda nice shooting the aurora when it's 35ยบ above!