A bit of a show early this morning.

Aurora showed up around 12:30am with a nice hint of pink at the bottom of the display. Was hoping it might turn into a big display, but it never climbed much above the horizon, and was pretty much done by 1:30am. Fun shooting on a night with a bright half-moon.

First decent Aurora since early November.

It’s been a terrible aurora season so far here in Anchorage, we’ve been getting skunked by bad weather while those in Fairbanks and Delta have been getting some great shots. So last night, when the forecast was calling for potential big aurora and we had just a bit of ice-fog moisture in the air, I decided to drive the 70 miles to Hatcher Pass and see if I’d get lucky. I stayed from 10pm until 2am. Turned out to be an okay show, but far from great. Still, it was really good to see the first decent aurora display in months.