Boo-boo came for a visit tonight.

Had a nice sized black bear come by tonight for a visit.  He explored the backyard for awhile, then came down next to the house to check out our motorhome.  When he saw us and our dog, Xena, up on the front deck as he came around the back of the motorhome, he headed back into the woods.  Love having them around when they don't cause any trouble.

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The Boys are back in town.

It's been feeling like Moose Central around here the last couple of days.  A couple of different Bulls have been around the house feeding on the dandelions, and we've finally seen some baby moose near the house, but no pictures yet.

Wednesday night.  This guy is going to be huge this fall.

Thursday night, this smaller bull looking for the perfect dandelion.

Spring in Denali, 2018.

We took our first long trip of the year to Denali National Park and as usual, it was a magical place.  We feel absolutely blessed because for some reason, our track record for great weather and having The Mountain out while we're there continues this year.  Just like the Spring here in Bear Valley, Denali felt like it was about 2 or 3 weeks behind normal.  It was just barely Spring in the high passes, and the tundra was completely brown when we first got there.  However, that changed rapidly over the course of 4 days, and it had dramatically greened up by the time we left.  Literally, in the space of a day, we saw tundra flowers where there hadn't been any the day before.

As usual, way too many pictures, but it's our favorite place on earth, so I hope you enjoy coming along on our trip.  If you cursor over the pictures the captions will tell the story.