Memorial Day 2016 Denali Trip, or Meals on Wheels, pt.2 :)

We drove the motorhome up to Denali for our first visit of 2016, where we spent 4 days inside the park at Teklanika campground.  The original weather forecast was pretty lousy; rain and possible snow for most of the weekend.  Turned out they got it wrong and it was one of the most beautiful weekends we've ever spent in the park.  The Mountain was out the entire time we were there and it was hot!  Not a lot of animal activity because of the high temps, but we had another bear encounter our first day up in Sable Pass while on our mountain bikes and had to jump on a shuttle bus when boo-boo decided to come investigate us.  Click on the photos for full size and captions that tell the story!   It's still our favorite place on earth.