Wolves in Denali National Park.

I've been going to Denali National Park on and off for more than 30 years.  This week we got to witness an incredibly rare sight these days--a pack of wolves with what looked like 6 pups.  If you're at all aware of the wolf controversy in Denali Park, you know the packs have been decimated the past few years by trappers just outside the Park boundary.  Several breeding alpha females and males from a couple of different packs have been killed and researchers inside the Park are concerned that the surviving pack members would break up, or not survive at all.  Being able to see an apparently very healthy pack could be a once in a lifetime experience.  I've never seen more than one wolf at a time before this.  And yes, I was really wishing I had a monster lens when we saw them!

Devany's brother and nephew were visiting Alaska for the very first time, and we're having a hard time explaining just how incredibly lucky they were to see the wolves--not to mention the fact that Denali was out in all her glory after weeks of rain.  Beginners luck I guess ;)  Come along for a couple of magical days.  Click on the photos for full screen and then swipe your cursor over the picture to see the captions below that tell the story.  Hope you like it.