Back to Denali, aka Biking with Bears.

Just back from another 5 day trip to Denali for our annual Alaskaversary trip which celebrates the weekend good friends from Wisconsin visited 3 years ago and we talked them into moving to Alaska.   It's become a tradition to go back on the same weekend.

This trip Devany and I did a lot of mountain biking on the park road.  We put the bikes on one of the shuttle buses and get off at the top of a pass, then ride down to the bottom and keep repeating that in both directions in the park.  Gravity is our friend.  We cover a lot of territory, but also revel in the silence and solitude we get by hopping off the buses.  

The benefit to being on the bikes is the ability to sit and watch animals for as long as we want.  We sat and watched a sow nurse her twin cubs for almost an hour one afternoon.  The potential downside to being on the bikes is that curious bears that happen to be close to the road just might become very interested in you!  When this happens twice on the same day you tend to OD a bit on adrenalin.  

So come along for another amazing stay in Denali where the weather was incredible this year (last year we had 10 inches of snow) and The Mountain was out each day we were there.