Bonjour, Montreal & the Great Train ride home.

We flew to Montreal so Devany could check off a bucket-list item and attend the World Championships Gymnastics Meet at the 1976 Olympics Stadium.  Fun watching past Olympic gymnasts and rising stars.  No cameras allowed, though.  We spent an extra day exploring Montreal.  I've worked here before but never had any time to really get a feel for it.  It was fun to be operating in French again, but the city feels more like NYC than Paris.  One great thing is street art everywhere!  

For the second part of our adventure, it's "All aboard" Amtrak to Schenectady, NY.  where we changed trains to the overnight Lake Shore Limited to Chicago, then the Empire Builder to Seattle.  Amtrak has really stepped up their game, so it was an absolutely fantastic experience.  Come along for the ride.