France Canal trip, Day 5. Dole to Ranchot.

We arrived in Dole last night around 7:30 pm.  It's the first time back to Dole in 20 years, and it all looks just as I remember it.  We moored in the marina that sits directly below Louis Pasteur's compound and museum.  Found an incredible dinner at a small restaurant up the path into town.  This morning, Wednesday, we woke to rain and gray skies.  Headed up into the old part of town for some sight-seeing, croissants, and cathedrals. 

We got back on the canal at 1:30 pm, and exiting the first lock leaving Dole, we found ourselves on the most beautiful stretch of the canal we've seen.  Trees draping over the water, soft pastel colors because of the weather.  Just amazing.  The weather got gorgeous in the afternoon as we made our way into Ranchot for the evening.   Just as we decided to walk into the village, there was a huge downpour, including hail!  Good thing we found an overhang at the local restaurant to wait it out.  The storm quickly cleared and we were treated to a gorgeous ending to the day.