A magical trip to Denali National Park.

We made our fall pilgrimage to Denali last Thursday and boy, did she put on a show for us!  We hit the road at 6am and were at the Teklanika campground by 2pm.  Devany and I put the mountain bikes on one of the shuttle buses and headed up to the top of Sable Pass to begin our long weekend. 

We had pretty decent weather on Thursday when we got there, Friday was nonstop rain and mud-soaked biking ;)  Saturday was absolutely gorgeous with sunshine and blue skies for most of the day and Denali was out in all her glory.  Sunday was drizzle, rain or mist almost the entire day which made getting any decent photos a challenge.  As we headed home Monday it rained all the way back to Anchorage.

On our trip in July we spotted a pair of breeding wolves.  This trip we heard from our shuttle bus driver friends that they had been seen above the Toklat rest-stop, so on our first full day in the park we went looking for them.  We couldn't believe what we were about to see.  Come along for the ride.  The captions will tell the story.